Effective Networking

2016-04-2617:00 to 18:00 Torget, BZ Berzelius väg 3Campus SolnaCareer Service

A strong professional network is more useful for your career than you might think.

A network can help connect you with opportunities that you might otherwise never have heard about, it can make it easier to be noticed by potential employers and it can make you appear more valuable to recruiters. At the same time effective networking is probably simpler than you expect, once you understand the basic principles that make it work and learn how to approach the subject methodically.

In this one-hour seminar Andrew Hennigan explains why networking has become so important and presents simple step-by-step methods to make networking easier even for people who do not enjoy traditional mingle events. 

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The lecture includes:

  • how to build a strong digital footprint
  • how to network through social sites and apps
  • how to network in real life
  • how to adapt to different networking cultures
  • how to network in Stockholm 
  • how to build a network to reach your goals 

The seminar focuses entirely on ethical, non-manipulative techniques that will not make people feel uncomfortable. After the seminar there will be an opportunity to practice the techniques in a real mingling session. Welcome to stay and connect!


Andrew Hennigan is a lecturer, freelance journalist and speaker coach based in Stockholm who teaches networking and influencing workshops for companies, business schools and universities. He is also author of the book “Payforward Networking” based on his business school courses and writes regularly about networking and influencing techniques.

Contact person: Emma Hägg