Career toolbox for masters - tips and advice for a successful start

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2017-03-2217:00 to 19:00 Gunnar Höglund, floor 4, Berzelius väg 3Campus SolnaCareer Service

You are in the final year of your academic career. Congratulations! Before you know, you will be walking with your degree into a new world.

 A bright future lays ahead of you and many opportunities can and will be created by you. But do you know exactly what your talents and ambitions are? Where you would like to work? Where you would need to start your next journey? And do you know how you could show your uniqueness and differentiate yourself from others? Are you aware of the many, many sources, strenghts and power inside you?

Don't worry if you could not answer all these questions with a convinced 'Yes, I do'. We have all had similar hesitations, doubts and questions about our career paths. And we continue to do once we explore new roads to travel. But we need some equipment in order to travel, and this workshop will give you a toolbox full of insights, tips and advices to start your journey to your success.

This workshop will focus on three points:

  1. Who am I? What are my talents, ambitions, and what have I not known about myself yet which I want to find out?
  2. Which career paths are open for me? Which roads can I travel with my academic and career background?
  3. How do I take the next step

This interactive workshop targets masterstudents in their final semester. Seats are limited to 30 and priority will be given to students in their final semester in a Global Master Programme. We will have a list of reserves if the workshop fills up.


Irith Kist will also be giving a lunch seminar in Flemingsberg March 23 - "Your first job - and then what? How to map out your career path"

About the speaker

The workshop will be given by international career counsellor and expert in student employability Mrs. Irith Kist, LLM, MA, BA, who finished three MA degrees and travelled through many countries and organizations to search for her talent, ambitions and goals until she found out that all was with her all the time. 

Contact person: Emma Hägg
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