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2017-05-0417:00 to 19:00 Torget, Berzelius väg 3 (ground floor)Campus SolnaCareer Service

Together with the biomedicine student section, Career Service and KI Alumni&Friends are happy to invite you to a career storytelling event with global master's alumni from study programmes focusing on life science.

Take the opportunity and listen to inspiring stories and advice from global master’s alumni. Students and alumni from different backgrounds that all share an interest in careers in life science are welcome. Network and mingle! Refreshments will be served. Welcome!

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Alumni presenting at the event:

Marta Lason (2012), Pricing & Market Access Manager at Roche

A Swedish citizen since birth who grew up in a suburb just north of Stockholm. Since high school my studies have been focused around the life science field. In 2010 I finished my bachelor in biomedical science at KI and continued to the master programme in bioentrepreneurship from which I graduated in 2012.

Despite my plans on having a looong and nice last summer break before starting my 40+something years of work it took about two weeks after graduation until I got my first job opportunity. So in June 2012 I began my first job as an analyst at PAREXEL (previously HERON Health), a smaller consultancy within life science.

After about a year and a half I transferred to Roche Pharma to work with market access of new and innovative medicines – a position which I’m still pursuing. So do I regret that I did not get that last summer break? Come to the career event and I promise to give you the answer!

Jens Karlsson (2015) PhD candidate at Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institutet

Born and raised in a small village outside of the city of Kalmar in the south of Sweden. Early developed interest in subjects such as chemistry and biology, and even became a proud owner of a chemistry set an age of 10 years.

Decided to pursue studies in Stockholm after high school and started the Bachelors programme in Biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet in 2010. Ending the bachelors with exchange studies at King’s College in London, the summer in between studies was spent working as a laboratory technician at the Karolinska Hospital. Thereafter, the studies continued with the Masters programme in Biomedicine in 2013.

Having tried numerous different subject fields during all the biomedical studies, the field which became the subject of the PhD candidate studies was Microbiology. Title of the PhD candidate project is “The role of the RNA-binding chaperone Hfq in human bacterial pathogens” in the Loh Group.  

Johan Hilm (2014), Management Consultant at Sirona Health Solutions

I have always been interested in knowing how things work. After high school I was unsure whether to go for physics or medicine. I ended up with biomedicine since I at the time was more interested in the theoretical aspect rather than the practical. However, soon after finishing my bachelor in biomedicine I realized that working as a researcher was a bit too tedious and slow for me. I simply lacked the stamina and vigor that I so envy in many of my peers who continued with research! 

Instead I came to further devote my time to extracurricular activities within Medicinska Föreningen and in 2012 I took a year off to work full time as president of the student union. It was now that I realized what spurred me: achieving impact and working with a wide range of different issues (from strategical discussions about student influence to practical issues such as how to best construct a gravel road). These insights, together with my specific interest in healthcare/life science made me interested in management consulting and made me choose Sirona Health Solutions. 

Contact person: Emma Hägg
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