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Are you prepared for a professional LinkedIn profile?

2015-09-1712:00 Karolina, Widerströmska Tomtebodavägen 18a, SolnaCampus SolnaCareer Service

The future is to have an on-line precense! Let Barry O'Brian share his insights over lunch.

This one-hour LinkedIn lunch seminar shows you how to create a professional online presence, market your 'brand' and connect with influential people in your field such as recruiters, alumni and investors. The event is open to students, PhD-students and researchers.

Invited speaker Barry O'Brien is the founder of Your Career Link, specialists in CV and LinkedIn development for jobseekers.

Wraps and sparkling water will be served. 

Fully booked - registration closed - FYI there will be a CV-lunch seminar Dec 1st.

Contact person: Emma Hägg