Caitrin Crudden

Position: PhD Student at the Department of Oncology-PathologyCaitrin Crudden

Caitrin is originally from Ireland, did her bachelor and masterstudies in England and is now living in Sweden. 

Caitrin works with a growth factor receptor (IGF-1R) that’s integral to the survival of many cancers. Her group studies its normal function and how it dysfunctions in a cancer setting, with the aim of developing strategies to inhibit it therapeutically. In particular she works with targeting this receptor in melanoma and childhood sarcomas.

Having decided to follow my research interest to a PhD level, I wanted to take the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the subject. And this is something that KI, as a solely medical focused university, and a top research institute in Europe, can provide.

The reason why Caitrin decided to blog about her career and research is because she is particularly passionate about public engagement in science, and its importance. She thinks it’s a core responsibility of all scientists to talk about science, research and break down barriers between inside academia and the outside world. In an ever-exploding information age, scientists should be key source of reason and communication, unbiased through monetary or sensationalised motives.

I think opening the joy of science and curiosity to as wide an audience as possible benefits everybody, through the inclusion and inspiration of those who might otherwise think science is not for them. The more minds we have on these problems the better!

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