Behavioral Medicine: A Key to Better Health

​One of Karolinska Institutet’s first massive open online courses (MOOC) provides you with the basic behavioral medicine concepts for a healthier life. 

Updated version of the course with new section on innovation will start in November 2016.

Course start: November 1, 2016

The MOOC Behavioral Medicine: A Key to Better Health will provide you with concepts that can help you change your life for a healthier and happier living.

Course Content

In this course you will be guided by course videos, literature and control questions that are available once you sign up through the edX platform. You will even test your new skills on a “virtual patient” and work together with some of your over 16 000 classmates that have signed up for this MOOC. The focus of this course lies on

  • finding out what it is that makes us motivated to change our behavior
  • coping with stress
  • improving sleep
  • increasing physical activity
  • changing everyday behaviors

Course Leader

Dr Anne H Berman who will lead the course is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at Karolinska Institutet. She has an intense interest in human behavior and, apart from psychology, has studied urban planning and law. Anne has been researching criminality and substance abuse issues for many years and is the initiator of a simple self-report drug screening test, the DUDIT, used in countries all over the world. Every week, Anne balances psychotherapy work with substance users, and research on digital interventions for problematic alcohol and drug use.

It’s absolutely thrilling to be involved in this project and to create a MOOC and to see what happens when we launch it live with all of the thousands of people who are registered. So, it’s just fantastic. The most exciting thing is that it’s affected my life! I’ve learned a lot by working through it and we have a whole week about increasing physical activity and there’s 175 minutes a week they are supposed to be doing and I’m doing the same thing – so I’m really happy with this.

Anne H Berman, course leader