Befikadu Wubishet - Public Health Economics, Policy and Management graduate from Ethiopia

Programme: Master of Public Health (Economics, Policy and Management track)
From: Ethiopia
Born: 1985

Befikadu researched Karolinska Institutet when he was deciding where to pursue his Public Health Master’s degree, specializing in Health Economics, Policy, and Management. Although he has only just started the programme, he is incredibly impressed at how many lecturers he got to interact with in his first course.

I cannot deny that the way this course was handled was beyond my expectation! I had a chance to be taught by more than 20 KI and guest instructors in the single course.

While here in Sweden, Befikadu is enjoying discovering the city. He finds the apples here delicious, enjoys the parks and water in Stockholm, and especially enjoys taking the ferry (using his regular metro card) between islands. He is also looking forward to becoming more comfortable in Swedish and visiting other European countries while studying here.

Karolinska Institutet’s reputation was what brought him to Sweden and he believes his education here will be appoint in his favour for any employer. He sees this masters and his time spent at Karolinska Institutet as a stepping stone to his future career goals.

A deeper look into the profile of KI gave me a hope to get high quality education and research experience.  Thus I didn’t hesitate to choose it! In ten years’ time, I expect to get myself contributing for an academic and/or research institution or international organization working in the health sector (Health Economics or Pharmaco-economics). I would be engaged in a task that enables me maximal application of what I have got in my education.


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Photo by Ulf Sirborn.

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