Banking information

Due to strict regulations and national security aspects, opening a bank account in a foreign country can sometimes be a bit difficult.

However, some banks in Stockholm do offer international students to open a bank account and, depending on the length of your stay, also access to Internet banking and an ATM-card.

If you are staying for a shorter time, it is normally easier to use your bank account in your home country for financial matters. We strongly recommend you to bring a Visa/Mastercard to Sweden, as cards are widely used all over the country.

Below you will find compiled information from different banks in Sweden, who are able to help you open a bank account (listed in alphabetical order). Print out the PDF-sheet and bring it with you together with the required documents to the bank that you choose. Follow the instructions carefully!

Please note that we cannot assist you in opening a bank account, you would have to do it yourself.

Detailed banking information

General information from the Swedish Banker's Association

Banks in Sweden

Larger banks in Sweden (in alphabetical order):