Alumni portrait: Kathleen Ma

Master's programme: Public Health Sciences - Epidemiology
Country of residence: USA
Year of birth: 1987
Year of graduation: 2012
Currently a doctoral level student at Karolinska Institutet

Kathleen Ma has a Bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. She feels studying public health issues is like laying a puzzle.

'Finding out why people have certain health problems is a little like being a detective. What health hazards are present and how can we affect these issues? Its a very exciting field of research.'

Kathleen visited Sweden with her mother a few years ago. That visit inspired her to later apply for the chance to study in Sweden.

'Stockholm is a great city with its water and large, smooth rocks from where you can go swimming, and its wild rabbits in the parks. The fact that KI is one of the best ranked universities in Europe was also an important factor.'

One thing that fascinates Kathleen is the informal relation between teachers and students that allows studies to work both effectively and in a flexible manner.

The teachers really care about their students. I can reach them at almost all times and for the most part I feel more like a colleague than a traditional student.

The Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences gives the students knowledge about both local and global challenges surrounding health issues. The overall goal for the programme is to help find solutions for better public health and to teach its students how to perform high quality research. For Kathleen, the programme is one step on the ladder to becoming a full-time researcher and project manager. She encourages new students at KI to make sure they enjoy their stay in Stockholm and make the most of it while they're there:

...but make sure you organise somewhere to live in advance because it can be difficult to find an apartment here.


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