Alicia Nevriana - Master of Public Health (Epidemiology track) graduate from Indonesia

Programme: Master of Public Health (Epidemiology track)
From: Indonesia
Born: 1990

Hailing from Indonesia, Alicia traveled quite far to follow her passion of public health. Her decision to come to Sweden and Karolinska was mostly based on her public health passion, and a little bit of a gut feeling! She was very interested in Sweden’s low road traffic injury policies and Karolinska’s reputation for being one of the best health science and medical universities in the world and was interested in Swedish culture. And the gut feeling? Well she claims that it is usually right

I like that it’s very punctual here. I mean, even the teachers will apologize if they took some of our lunch time because of their lectures! It’s very unusual, and it makes us feel appreciated and makes us appreciate our teachers more.

She finds her international classroom the most incredible part about her program so far, enjoying how interacting with different cultures has broadened her perspectives on public health.

Sweden has LOTS of beautiful parks! I can say that I have never seen yet any part of Sweden that is not beautiful.

Alicia’s positive energy is evident in everything she does, even when she looks to the future, and she believes she is in the right place now to connect her passions to her future endeavours.

In ten years I can see myself here in Europe working for the WHO Headquarter at Geneva. It might seem like a very wild dream, but I always believe that if I should choose my dream, why not dream big? I believe that a degree from Karolinska Institutet will always be important (in the future). But beyond that, I think that what lies behind it is more important. I mean, here at KI, you’re given a chance to develop yourself, to grow, and to plan for yourself, ‘What will I become?’ and I personally believe all those lessons here that will make me who I am is more important.


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Photo by Ulf Sirborn

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