Alexandra Searle - Global Health student from Zimbabwe/South Africa

Alexandra Searle portrait

Master's programme: Global Health
Country of residence: Zimbabwe and South Africa
Year of birth: 1983

"I felt that I needed to gain a stronger medical and technical understanding and skill set to continue to work in my field. Karolinska's global ranking and academic reputation were big considerations in my selection - coupled with the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural environment."

Alexandra who grew up both in Zimbabwe and South Africa has a great background within the field Social Science; she has focused on International Relations, economics as well as Law and Political Studies, Peace building/post conflict reconstruction and African Parliamentary responses to HIV/AIDS.

"The Global Health class of 2013 is a treasure trove of expertise, information, intelligence, diversity and experience - there is a wealth of knowledge amongst my classmates gleaned from fascinating research projects in far flung places, working in conflict situations and professional development which proceeds lots of opportunity for horizontal learning."

When Alexandra is being asked about her best KI memory so far she says:

"First seeing the library building with its beautiful vertical gardens, and first seeing the new Aula!"

Alexandra really likes writing and has extensive writing experience, she has been writing for different purposes on a variety of health related topics. And in a variety of multicultural environments, with a notable example; last year when she volunteered in rural Rajasthan, India for UNICEF. There she worked and lived with two other international volunteers, and they operated successfully as a team. She feels that as a student she has a unique, united, collective experience and it would be incorrect not to share all of that with other students.

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