Adina R. Khamitova - Public Health Economics, Policy and Management student from Kazakhstan

Programme: Master of Public Health (Economics, Policy and Management track)
From: Kazakhstan
Born: 1992
Blog: khadinar
Contact me in: English, Russian, Swedish

Portrait of Adina Khamitova

If life is mostly a head game, KI is the right place to climb the ladder of skills, knowledge, creativity and critical thinking in the field of medicine.

Adina wants to be where the decisions are made and she wants to make a difference – preferably not just a small one.

This is reflected in her studies and her blog, which you should read if you are interested in the Public Health Science Programme in general and career opportunities within the field in particular.

Adina has studied in England before coming to KI, so she can also offer some insights into the differences between the two countries from a non-European perspective.

Asked about why she chose KI, she sums up several points:

“a leading medical institute, one of the world’s leading innovation hubs, entrepreneurial stirring, global collaboration, the Nobel Prize, out-of-box thinking and a miscellany of cutting-edge breakthroughs.”

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