Adeeb Tawseef - Bioentrepreneurship student from Bangladesh/Canada

Screenshot of Adeeb's vlog 

Master's programme: Bioentrepreneurship
Country of residence: Bangladesh/Canada
Year of birth: 1991

Adeeb picked Karolinska Institutet (KI) because of its world reputation in medicine, its small size and of course of KI: s unique programmes. Adeeb has been longing to explore Sweden for a long time. Suitably enough, in Stockholm he found a master's programme that suited him like hand in glove - the Global Master's Programme in Bioentrepeneurship at Karolinska Institutet. Adeeb have come to understand the business world better thanks to courses offered in the programme that are industrial and business oriented, a perspective he missed in his previous degree.

"Like I expected the class is very international with individuals from diverse academic backgrounds. This has been the best part of the programme as I have been able to exchange ideas with many talented individuals. I am hoping this will continue and I can broaden my intellectual horizon further as the programme progresses."

Every day on campus Adeeb meet new people who share many great aspirations and dreams. He is also amazed by how much is actually done for each student´s success. There are countless seminars, workshops and events for students to engage with one another. This is truly amazing according to Adeeb. There are countless good memories. Adeeb really enjoys his time as a student and is starting to feel "at home" at KI and says:

"I think KI holds significance in the world of academia."

He thinks a degree from KI will not only look good on a resume but will also show to potential employers that he is a dedicated and committed student.

"I feel that KI really pushes its students to achieve great things in life and that is the strongest selling point for the university. I am looking forward to showcasing this when I apply for future opportunities."

When asked where Adeeb pictures himself 10 years from now, he says:

"I am open to new challenges and pursuits. I really would like to work in the field of research and academia one day. However I am also interested in real time application of knowledge. So I see myself as a collaborator with many individuals from around the globe."

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