About Global Health Night


Global Health Night was initiated in the spring of 2015 by a group of students at Karolinska Institutet with a burning interest in global health. We had all experienced the wide interest in global health among the students at many different study programmes at KI. But we had also felt the frustration within the student body; the desire to integrate more global health in the study curriculum and find more and easier ways of acquiring information about career paths within global health. Being a high-ranking medical university with collaborations all around the world, Karolinska Institutet is a gateway to unlimited opportunities for students pursuing a career in the field of global health. The students just need to be informed of that gateway and of what´s on the other side. In order to create that gateway and to break down those obstacles we thought; why not try to put as many global health initiatives as possible under one roof for an evening?


A project group was created, comprising students from a wide range of study programmes and global health- related student organizations. Diversity was an important feature to showcase in the event. Global health is perhaps one of the most interdisciplinary fields of medicine today, encompassing everything from biomedicine to epidemiology. The stereotype of the white surgeon working in Africa is, luckily, long out-dated. Today, equal and respectful collaboration between countries and regions are the key to success.


We are currently working on the programme for Global Health Night 2016.

However, we have decided to repeat last year's success - the popular mingle with organizations working in global health. This is an invaluable opportunity to network you don't want to miss!

We are currently looking over the possibility of bringing back the much appreciated "focus groups". Stay posted for more news on our programme!

In 2015, when we first contacted Hans Rosling he was enthusiastic but had one suggestion; why don't you have smaller focus groups on specific topics? We then decided to put another element into the event for the most engaged and interested students. A truly unique opportunity to discuss specific topics in small groups with high-profile professionals, which was very much appreciated by the students who participated.


Global Health Night is indeed a wholesome night dedicated to global health, giving YOU every possibility to dive deeper into the fascinating world of Global Health!

A very warm welcome to Global Health Night 2016!


Global Health Night 2015 is a collaboration between Center for Global Health at Karolinska Institutet, Swedish Organisation for Global Health (SOGH), Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC) and the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA).


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