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USA - Mayo Clinic


For over 20 years, Karolinska Institutet (KI) has cooperated with the Mayo Clinic (USA), an organisation that tightly integrates healthcare with medical education and research.

Mayo Clinic developed gradually from the medical practice of a pioneer doctor, Dr. William Worrall Mayo, who settled in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1863. Through the years, Mayo Clinic has nurtured and developed its founders' style of working together as a team. Shared responsibility and consensus still provide the framework for decision making at Mayo. That teamwork in medicine is carried out by more than 55,000 doctors, nurses, scientists, students and allied health staff at Mayo Clinic locations in the Midwest, Arizona and Florida. Today, Mayo Clinic and its hospitals form the largest integrated medical center in the world, providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment in virtually all medical and surgical specialties.

"The Mayo Clinic has a unique structure, in which healthcare, education and research all have the same principle,"

says Professor Martin Schalling, academic coordinator for the partnership between KI and Mayo Clinic.

The two institutions have over two decades' experience of a more traditional research partnership in such scientific fields as metabolism, diabetes and nutrition. Now, however, the collaboration platform has been extended to psychiatry, neurodegeneration, regenerative medicine, cancer and infection diseases. It also includes themes like education, innovation, library services and administration, all of which are discussed at an annual meeting. The meeting in Rochester in September 2014 was highlighted by the celebration of 20 years of collaboration between KI and Mayo Clinic.

An operative Steering Committee, with five academic and administrative representatives from each institution, was formed in September 2012. The Steering Committee's primary focus is to stimulate and deepen new and on-going collaborations.

Annual Joint Meeting

Save the date for the 25th Annual Scientific Research Meeting, September 23-24, 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden! More information about the conference and registration on

Grants and Joint Activities

Collaborative Funding Opportunities

In order to facilitate interactions and joint activities, funds to build collaborative strength have been made available. The first collaborative Travel Awards and Collaborative Grants for KI and Mayo Clinic were awarded in 2013.

Collaborative Travel Awards 2019

Find the projects and individuals set to receive funding 2019 and in previous years.

Are you looking for a Mayo Clinic collaborator? Find more information about potential researchers within various fields here.

Do you want to sign up on our Mayo-KI Collaboration email list, please send your contact detalils to

KI Biobank and Mayo Clinic Biobank collaboration

With the background of the strategic collaboration between KI and Mayo Clinic, our respective biobanks have started a dialogue to learn from each other. We now have regular contact and exchange experience, information and ideas. We’ve established some simple common routines to help researchers exchange samples and sample related data, and we will continue finding new opportunities to interact to support our common mission of serving medical research that improves health. One example is in connecting sample cohorts available at both biobanks. For more information about the biobanks take a look at the homepages, and feel encouraged to make contact with the named staff. Read more here


Academic Coordinator


Martin Schalling

Telefon: 08-517 744 81
Enhet: Neurogenetik



Maria Olsson

Telefon: 08-524 869 68
Enhet: Avd. för Styrelsestöd och Externa relationer

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