The fund for global talent

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Annelise Lilienthal has been awarded "Friends of Karolinska Institutet Scholarship" to attend the Global Master's program in Global Health.

Karolinska Institutet is a player on the global arena as one of the world's leading medical universities. We are proud of our international and intercultural campus and strive to be a breeding ground for academic excellence in search for knowledge and breakthrough.

The Karolinska Institutet fund for global talents is a scholarship fund and a step to secure this continuance of excellence at Karolinska Institutet. In supporting this fund you are contributing to a life changing opportunity for an international student to come and study at Karolinska Institutet.

The raised funds will make it possible for Karolinska Institutet to award tuition fee-scholarships to excellent international students accepted into some of our International Masters programs. Since July 2011 all international students from outside of the EU/EES that comes to study in Sweden are to be charged tuition fee.

It is important for us at the Karolinska Institutet to be able to continue to accept and train talents even from outside of Europe. We are an international university, a big player from the small country of Sweden contributing on the global arena. The inflow of international new talents contributes to a more constructive and stimulating discussions in, as well as outside the class room.

Would you like to join us in supporting the fund for global talent?  There are many ways to give a gift to education and research at Karolinska Institutet.