List of KI-Makerere Double Degree PhD Theses

32 Double Degree PhD Theses Defended as of 2015

2005 Emilio Ovuga, Depression and suicidal behavior in Uganda: Validating the response inventory for stressful life events (RISLE)

2006 Dan K Kaye, Domestic violence during pregnancy in Uganda: The social biomedical consequences and the relationship with induced abortion

2006 Elialilia Sarikiaeli Okello, Cultural explanatory models of depression in Uganda

2007 Celestino Obua, Fixed-dose chloroquine and sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine treatment of malaria: Outcome and pharmacokinetic aspects

2007 Wilson Winston Muhwezi, The interface between family structure, life events and major depression in Uganda

2007 Josaphat K Byamugisha, Emergency contraception among young people in Uganda: User and provider perspectives

2008 Benon Asiimwe, Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex from Kampala, Uganda

2008 Lynn Atuyambe Muhimbuura, Adolescent motherhood in Uganda: Dilemmas, health seeking behaviour and coping responses

2009 Catherine Abbo, Profiles and outcome of traditional healing practices for severe mental illnesses in two districts of Eastern Uganda

2009 Elizeus Rutebemberwa, Access to health care for febrile children in Uganda: Symptom recognition, care seeking practices and provider choice

2009 Cecily Banura, Human papillomavirus infections among sexually active young women in Uganda: Implications for a vaccination strategy

2009 Charles Ateenyi Agaba, Human papillomaviruses and their association with squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva

2009 Twaha Serunjogi Mutyaba, Early cervical lesions detected by visual inspection: Viral factors, management and follow-up

2009 Jesca Nsungwa-Sabiiti, Home Based Management of Fever in Uganda – Towards Improved Malaria Treatment Practices

2010 Peter Waiswa, Understanding newborn care in Uganda: Towards future interventions

2010 Fred Bwanga, Rapid tests for multidrug resistant tuberculosis in low income settings

2010 Michael Odida, Cervical carcinoma in Kampala, Uganda, and the relationship with human immunodeficiency virus and human papillomavirus infections

2010 Jolly Beyeza Kashesya, Fertility and HIV Infection: Fertility Decision-making Challenges of Mutually-Disclosed Discordant Couples and Young People

2011 Noeline Nakasujja, Cognitive Deficits and HIV Associated Psychotic Disorders in Uganda

2011 Paul Bangirana, Computerized rehabilitation for cognitive deficits after central nervous system malaria in Ugandan children

2011 Solome Bakeera, Social determinants of health care use for Ugandan children: does social capital matter?

2011 Jackson Mukonzo, Pharmacogenetic aspects of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria : emphasis on Ugandan population

2011 Muhammed Lubega, Lost in Transition: Pre-antiretroviral Care and Delayed Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda

2012 Gorette Nalwadda, Contraceptive Use among Young People in Uganda: Exploration of obstacles, enablers, and quality of services

2013 Sara Nanzigu, HIV treatment outcomes in Uganda : the impact of baseline characteristics and variability in pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral drugs

2013 Joan Nakayaga Kalyango, Integrated community case management of malaria and pneumonia in eastern Uganda: care-seeking, adherence, and community health worker performance

2014 Christine Nalwadda, Seeking referral care for newborns in eastern Uganda: community health workers’ role, caretakers’ compliance and provision of care

2014 Roy William Mayega, Type 2 diabetes in rural Uganda: prevalence, risk factors, perceptions and implications for the health system

2014 Jackson Orem, Etiological risk factors and clinical characteristics of childhood non-hodgkin lymphoma in Uganda

2015 Justus Baragaine, Genital fistula among Ugandan women: risk factors, treatment outcomes, and experiences of patients and spouses    

2015 Francis Ocheng, Ugandan medicinal plants used traditionally for oral care: investigation of extracts for anti-bacterial, cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory effects

2015 Simon Walusimbi, Tuberculosis and HIV: evaluation of new tests for diagnostic accuracy, cost-effectiveness and effect on treatment of tuberculosis in Smear-Negative HIV-positive patients in Uganda

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