Leave by will

Would yoy like to enter the Karolinska Institutet in your will?

If you want to promote medical research and education, you can enter the Karolinska Institutet legatees in your will. It is important that you print your full name, Karolinska Institutet. To your will, the gift should come to the best use in the future, we recommend that you leave it to the Karolinska Institutet to use the money for the research that is most set position. It is difficult today to determine what will be the priority research areas in the future. Would you still like to specify a purpose for your gift, we are the Development Office is available and can guide you in the medical fields you are interested in.

You can also choose to control your gift will, for example, the Karolinska Institutet training activities.

Tove Älvemark Asp at Karolinska Institutet Stiftelseförvaltning can tell you more about how to do.

Foundation manager

Tove Älvemark Asp

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 07
E-mail: Tove.Alvemark@ki.se