KI's resource group for support in response to the war in Ukraine

Karolinska Institutet's President, Ole Petter Ottersen, has appointed a resource group for Ukraine-Russia (URRG), which is tasked with investigating the opportunities for students and researchers from Ukraine and Russia to continue their studies or research at Karolinska Institutet.

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many researchers from both countries have sought refuge in other countries. There is an urgent need to provide both humanitarian aid and academic support. As a prominent international university, Karolinska Institutet strives to take the initiative and integrate students and researchers from the conflict areas.

The task of the resource group is to generate recommendations to:

  • facilitate regional, national and international collaboration and coordination.
  • inform those in positions of responsibility within education programmes and research.
  • develop guidelines for the integration of students and researchers in KI’s activities.