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Strategic international alliances are an essential part of Karolinska Institutet´s. activities. The giving and taking contribute to a better world. This is why we have set up the fund for global health, to support collaborations with universities in low- and middle income countries, where the knowledge from Karolinska Institutet can make a big difference.

But at the same time our education and research enriches through exchange of valuable knowledge and gives access to unique projects, materials and methods. The fund for global health will this year focus on the collaboration with Makerere University in Uganda. With donations from Karolinska Institutet alumni this collaboration can expand.

Since 2001 Karolinska Institutet and Makerere University, have worked together in several projects, some projects that are in need of support are:

Development of non resistant antibiotics.
Finding new methods to treat febrile children.
Educate health workers to support women on the countryside before, during and after delivery, and by doing that, decrease child mortality in the areas.
PhD- and student exchange, with a tutor at both universities.

These are some projects that will make the living conditions better for many people, and give our students important experience and prepare them for a future in a globalised world. The President at Karolinska Institutet will allocate the grants to one project within the collaboration, in need of support.

Would you like to join us in supporting the fund for global health?  There are many ways to give a gift to education and research at Karolinska Institutet.


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