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Alumni Week 2017 Highlights

Karolinska Institutet celebrated Alumni Week 2017

In honor of our estemed alumni in Sweden and abroad, KI Alumni & Friends offered our alumni the opportunity to reconnect! What a delight to meet those of you who came back to KI campus for a guided tour and the KI-loppet race. Many thanks to our alumni who participated in our photo quiz, or just followed us on Instagram throughout the week.

Don't miss the "Hi's" to KI that we received during Alumni Week! Read the Alumni Greetings from KI Alumni across the globe >>

KI Alumni Instagram Takeover

Alumni? What's that? Help us spread the word!

Listen to KI's new Vice-Chancellor speak in an interview by KI Alumni & Friends

KI Alumni & Friends meeting up with our new Vice-Chancellor Ole Petter Ottersen. #kialumni

Ett inlägg delat av Karolinska Institutet (@karolinskainstitutet)

You can still log on and view the week's photos on Instagram @karolinskainstitutet or on KI's Facebook page.

KI Campus Photo Quiz

How well do you know your "alma mater"?

We published a quiz with 5 photos on both Instagram @karolinskainstitutet and on KI's Facebook page.

Congratulations to our winners, who received a KI T-shirt for guessing the right location! Nice job!

Alumni ran the KI Loppet!

For the first time, KI Alumni were invited to join KI students and employees to run the annual race, organized by KI Health Promotion. Heja heja to Christina, Megan and Emy! Congratulations to the other alumni who joined us!

Guided tour of Aula Medica

Alumni were cordially invited to a guided tour of Aula Medica. The tour started with a light fika, and consisted of a walking tour in and outside the grounds of Aula Medica. The tour featured a detailed description of the history, architecture and purpose for the construction of KI's largest auditorium and event hall.

Aula Medica

Guided tours of Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library

Alumni joined us at Hagströmer Library for an exclusive guided tour by experts Ove Hagelin and Anna Lantz in order to view its collection of old and rare books.

Thanks from KI Alumni & Friends! Hope to see you again soon!