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Agenda NIH and KI Joint Neuroscience Symposium 2017

National Institutes of Health and Karolinska Institutet Joint Neuroscience Symposium, March 23-24, 2017 at Karolinska Institutet. Venue: Nobel Forum, Wallenberg Hall, Karolinska Institutet, Nobels Väg 1, Stockholm


(Please note that minor changes might occur)

Abstracts Day 1

Abstracts Day 2

Thursday, March 23
12:00 pm Registration and Light lunch Outside the Wallenberg Hall
1:00 pm Leadership Greeting Dr. Marianne Schultzberg (KI)
1:05 pm Overview of the KI‐NIH Graduate Partnership Program in Neuroscience Dr. Janet Clark (NIH), Dr. Pia Steensland (KI), Dr. André Fisahn (KI)
1:30 pm Amphetamine regulation of signaling pathways in dopamine neurons: a presynaptic perspective Keynote Speaker: NIMH Scientific Director, Dr. Susan G. Amara
2:15 pm Neuroinflammation and the kynurenine pathway in psychiatric disorders Dr. Sophie Erhardt (KI/FyFa)
2:30 pm Molecular imaging studies in schizophrenia Dr. Simon Cervenka (KI/CNS)
2:45 pm Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Inhibitors for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders Dr. Nigel H. Greig (NIH/NIA)
3:00 pm Coffee Break
3:15 pm Panel discussion: What is good doctoral education? Contribution by the KI-NIH Program? – Dr. Robert Harris, Dr. Helena Karlström and Dr. Janet Clark Moderator: Dr. Pia Steensland (KI)
4:00 pm Beyond inflammation: novel mechanisms driving pain in arthritis Dr. Camilla Svensson (KI/FyFa)
4:15 pm Cognitive Neuroscience of Body Self-Perception Dr. Henrik Ehrsson (KI/Neuro)
4:30 pm Molecular and electrophysiological comparison of striatal and cortical Pvalb interneurons Ms. Carolina Bengtsson Gonzales, KI-NIH Student (MBB/NICHD)
4:45 pm Announcements Dr. Pia Steensland (KI), Dr. André Fisahn (KI), Ms. Johanna Diehl (KI)
5:00 pm Adjourn
Friday, March 24
8:45 am Start of the day
9:00 am Intrusive memories of trauma are mental images: translating experimental psychopathology for treatment development Keynote speaker: Dr. Emily Holmes
9:45 am Cracking neuronal circuits that drive survival behaviors using novel optical methods Dr. Yeka Aponte (NIH/NIDA)
10:00 am Cellular localization of three inflammatory proteins (COX-1, -2, and TSPO) in drug resistant epilepsy Ms. Lora Deuitch Weidner, KI-NIH Student (Neuro/NIMH)
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:30 am From SingIe synapses to clinical studies. Therapeutic developments from optogenetics Dr. Antonello Bonci (NIH/NIDA)
10:45 am Savants, non-savants and the formation of lasting memories Dr. Lars Olson (KI/Neuro)
11:00 am Touching cognition: a doctoral journey through somatosensory system in mouse models of disease Mr. Konrad Juczewski, KI-NIH Student (Neuro/NIAAA)
11:15 am Circuits regulating motivated behaviors Dr. Konstantinos Meletis (KI/Neuro)
11:30 am Health disparities in pain: From pain experience to pain assessment Mr. Troy Dildine, KI-NIH Student (CNS/NIMH)
11:45 am Circuit basis of reciprocal interactions between sensation and action Dr. Soohyun Lee (NIH/NIMH)
12:00 pm Light Lunch
12:45 pm Assays To Lead The Way: Collaborative Discovery at the NCATS Chemical Genomics Center Dr. Matthew Hall (NIH/NCATS)
1:00 pm Exercise and BDNF reduce Aβ production by enhancing α-secretase processing of APP Mr. Saket Milind Nigam, KI-NIH Student (Neuro/NIA)
1:15 pm Identifying Medication Targets for Drug Addiction: Redirecting the Dopamine D3 Receptor Hypothesis Dr. Amy Hauck Newman (NIH/NIDA)
1:30 pm Role of the actin cytoskeleton in linking exo- and endocytosis in synapses

By Gianvito Arpinos KI-NIH student (Neuro/NINDS) presented by Dr. Oleg Shupliakov (KI/Neuro)

1:45 pm Decoding Neural Control of Animal Behavior Using In Vivo Deep Brain Calcium Imaging Dr. Da-Ting Lin (NIH/NIDA)
2:00 pm Evaluation of the Monoamine Stabilizer (-)-OSU6162 as a Potential Novel Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders Ms. Ida Fredriksson, KI-NIH Student (CNS/NIDA)
2:15 pm Cortical representations of motor sequence features Ms. Diana Müssgens (KI), KI-NIH Student (Neuro/NINDS)
2:30 pm Coffee Break
2:45 pm Synaptic computation of visual information in the retina Dr. Jeffrey Diamonds (NIH/NINDS)
3:00 pm Prosaposin and GPR37 in Parkinsonism By Ms. Ellen Hertz (CNS/NHGRI) presented by Dr. Per Svenningsson (KI/CNS)
3:15 pm Activity-dependent genetic feedback in brain circuits and disorders Dr. Kuan Hong Wang (NIH/NIMH)
3:30 pm

Breaking the neural code with brain perturbations

Dr. Arash Afraz (NIH/NIMH)
3:45 pm

Concluding remarks and

Award of Best Student Presentation

Dr. Janet Clark (NIH), Dr. Pia Steensland (KI), Dr. André Fisahn (KI)
4:00 pm Mingle and Refreshments