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Research and training plan - CNS template


1. What will you be doing?

Briefly describe the following:

  • Research background
  • Objectives and hypotheses

This should not be a research plan copied from your last grant application. All texts should be in English, approx. 5-7 pages.

2. How will you be doing it?

  • Methodology/approach - a description of, and rationale for, the methodology, design and methods
  • Data analysis - a description of, and rationale for, the proposed method of data analysis
  • Significance
  • Ethical considerations, if appropriate
  • Time plan
  • References

3. What will you learn by doing it?

Contextualize your personal development plan - what you will learn and how you will develop during each part of the project. Describe your progression in learning by indicating how the sub-projects will either provide new experiences or alternatively a deepening of knowledge. Break down each task into component learning experiences – there may be more than you think.

Learning experiences example: running an RCT is not one experience but involves designing a strategy for recruitment, evaluation of drop-out effects, coordination of personnel involved, critical design of power and readouts, statistical analysis etc.