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Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment

Clinical psychiatry offers a number of effective treatments, but it is still too common that patients in the end not quite achieve normalization (remission). Furthermore, the organizational aspects of psychiatric care are still immature with respect to effectiveness and service. We need to continue to develop treatment selection and efficiency and developing care processes, in order to increase accessibility to good health care and for increased value for patients (e.g. quality of life, good health and autonomy).

Our research is about psychiatric treatment and health economy. Primary objective is to develop safe and cost-effective procedures for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of outcome. Main focus is on affective and anxiety disorders.

Issues of interest

  • Development and quality assurance of diagnostic methods and procedures to improve rational care planning
  • Development and quality assurance of combinations of (multimodal) treatments to provide optimal results
  • Development and quality assurance of effective tools to monitor and measure care flow
  • Development and quality assurance of means to measure patient safety, quality, clinical effectiveness and sustainability of treatment results

Research Projects (contact person within parentheses)

  • A quality system for care flow for affective disorders (Lina Martinsson)
  • Analysis of health economy for care flow for affective and anxiety disorders (Samir El Alaoui)  
  • Biomarkers for lithium treatment of bipolar disorders – genetics and epigenetics (Lina Martinsson; PI Lena Backlund)
  • Registry study for risk of suicide following different treatments of bipolar disorders (Lina Martinsson)
  • Psychological treatment of bipolar disorders (Cecilia Svanborg)
  • Development and quality assurance of trans-diagnostic treatments for affective and anxiety disorders (Cecilia Svanborg)
  • Inflammatory biomarkers for major depression (Johan Söderlund)
  • Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation for major depression (Mats Adler)
  • Weighted blanket for individuals with mental and sleep problems (Mats Adler)

Selected publications

Combining Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing with Clinical Outcome in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Measure Value in Treatment of Depression.
El Alaoui S, Lindefors N
PLoS ONE 2016 ;11(10):e0165389

Predicting Outcome in Internet-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Major Depression: A Large Cohort Study of Adult Patients in Routine Psychiatric Care.
El Alaoui S, Ljótsson B, Hedman E, Svanborg C, Kaldo V, Lindefors N
PLoS ONE 2016 ;11(9):e0161191

Martinsson L,  Wei Y,  Xu D,  Melas PA,  Mathe AA,  Schalling M,  et al. Long-term lithium treatment in bipolar disorder is associated with longer leukocyte telomeres. Translational psychiatry 2013 3; e261-

Martinsson L,  Westman J,  Hallgren J,  Ösby U,  Backlund L. Lithium treatment and cancer incidence in bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorders 2016 18;1 33-40

Hedman E, Ljótsson B, Kaldo V, Hesser H, El Alaoui S, Kraepelien M, Andersson E, et al. Effectiveness of Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in routine psychiatric care Journal of Affective Disorders 2014 Feb;155:49-58

Group members


Mats AdlerAssociated
Lina MartinssonAssociated
Mussie MsghinaAssociated
Oscar NorbeckAssociated
Cecilia SvanborgAssociated
Johan SöderlundAssociated
Susanna ÖstermanGraduate Student