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Lecture: Charles Grob - psilocybin at the end of life

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2017-10-0317:00 to 19:00 Berzeliussalen, Berzelius väg 3Campus Solna

Charles Grob

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness involves being seriously confronted with one’s own mortality. Many patients experience a strong anxiety associated with this, which profoundly affects relationships and quality of life. In healthcare this suffering is often overlooked, as the focus is on the primary diagnosis. So how can we best help people reconcile with the fact that they are facing their own death?

As researchers around the world are again becoming interested in the potential therapeutic effects of psychedelic substances, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for anxiety at the end of life has emerged as one of the most promising treatment modalities. After good results were published in December 2016, major studies are now being prepared (phase III), which may result in the treatment becoming approved in the healthcare in the United States.

Charles Grob, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the UCLA School of Medicine, is at the forefront of this development. He co-developed the protocol used in research and conducted the first pilot study in 2011. Today, he oversees the research as a board member of Heffter Research Institute, while at the same time researching MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. At Karolinska Institutet, Charles will present how psilocybin-assisted treatment works, with particular focus on safety parameters and possible therapeutic mechanisms.

The lecture is free and no registration is required, but seats are limited. Participants are advised to arrive early to secure a seat.

Contact person: Alexander Lebedev