Conferences and symposiums

Imaging the Sleepy Brain

2014-11-1009:00 to 16:30 Nobel forumCampus Solna

We are pleased to announce a symposium on sleep and brain imaging. The speakers are leading international experts and will address issues such as the effect of sleep and sleepiness on brain connectivity as well as the effects of sleep and sleep loss on sleep and emotion, memory, and other cognitive processes. 

Speakers: Martin Ingvar (KI), Peter Fransson (KI), Philipp Sämann (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich), Enzo Tagliazucchi (Goethe University, Frankfurt), Gustav Nilsonne (SU, KI), Peter Franzen (University of Pittsburgh), Sean Drummond (UC San Diego), and Eus van Someren (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience). 

Registration to until Oct 27th

The symposium is organised jointly by Stockholm University (SU) and Karolinska Institutet (KI) under the auspices of the Stockholm Stress Center. A poster/flyer is attached. Please forward this invitation to anyone who might be interested. 

Contact person: Gustav Nilsonne