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About us

Our core activities are research and education. Our research is at the leading edge both nationally and internationally and is very important in our close collaboration with the healthcare. We have many international and national collaborators and we always welcome new partners. We are active both in Solna and Huddinge. 


We want our research to affect, increase and improve the clinical activity and underlie everything we do so that the patient quickly get the benefits from new results and methods.


Pioneer in Sweden

The Neurology Clinic at Karolinska University Hospital was established in 1887 as the second one in the world. The first Neurological Clinic was established in Paris 1884. For a long time they became the only Neurology Clinics in the world. Only in the 1950s there would be other neurological clinic established in Sweden. 

Neurocentrum Solna opened 26 September 1963 under the leadership of Professor Eric Kugerlberg, with excellent research facilities both for clinical and experimental research. Once the land belonged to the crown farm Norrbacka. There was a house up on the hill with the same name that in the 1700s was transformed in a tavern where Carl Michael Bellman was a frequent guest.

Neurocentrum Solna







Head of Division:

Professor/senior physician

Mikael Svensson

Organizational unit: Neuro Svensson
E-mail: Mikael.Svensson@ki.se


AnnaKarin Rasmusson

Phone: +46 8 517 716 60
E-mail: anna-karin.rasmusson@sll.se

Web editor:


Pernilla Klyve Busa

Phone: +46-(0)70-146 82 88
Organizational unit: Neuro Brundin
E-mail: pernilla.klyve@ki.se

Director of Studies Solna:

Professor/senior physician

Lou Brundin

Organizational unit: Neuro Brundin
E-mail: Lou.Brundin@ki.se

Course administrator Solna:

Eva Karlsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-517 747 64
E-mail: eva.bi.karlsson@sll.se

Director of Studies Huddinge:

Professor/senior physician

Sten Fredrikson

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 820 53
Organizational unit: Neuro Unit
E-mail: Sten.Fredrikson@ki.se

Course administrator Huddinge:

Study Programme in Medicine, semester 9, Neurology Huddinge

Eva Jacobsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 830 42
E-mail: eva-carin.jacobsson@sll.se

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