About BMIC

Brain Molecular Imaging Centre (BMIC) is a Core Facility (CF) for molecular imaging of the brain using Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

The aim of BMIC is to provide expertise and competence for brain imaging PET studies in human subjects and non-human primates (NHPs). BMIC supports research studies in for example psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disorders and neuropsychopharmacology. However, BMIC also supports a range of studies on other diseases and normal process in the brain or outside. BMIC provides also broader expertise for key molecular PET imaging studies supporting drug development programs in other research and therapeutic areas.  


BMIC works in close collaboration with other Core Facilities such as Radiopharmacy core facility (RCF)Karolinska Experimental Research and Imaging Centre (KERIC) and Autoradiography Core Facility (ARG). BMIC also work close to the research groups at the PET center in Solna. In addition to these, BMIC participates in research projects in collaboration with many researchers at KI, other universities in Sweden and the world, as well as most pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

BMIC Services


As our services are dependent of multiple factors affecting the prizing we ask you to contact us for the rates of your specific needs.

Participating in PET studies

If you are interested in participating in a PET study as a research participant please make a submit in our pre-screening form

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