Information for PhD students admitted between 1 July 2013 and 31 Dec 2017

◄ 1. Admission

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PhD courses completed within KI are automatically registered into Ladok by the department responsible for that particular course.

Rules and general syllabus for doctoral education

Doctoral courses

Basic courses - at least 7.5 credits by halftime

Mandatory elements:

• Statistics – at least 1.5 credits
• Research Ethics – at least 1.5 credits

Optional elements:

• Philosophy of science
• Education/presentation skills
• Bioinformatics
• Research documentation
• How to write a scientific report
• Medical information retrieval
• How to apply for research grants
• Good Laboratory Practice
• Good Clinical Practice

The general science courses must be completed before the halftime review can be achieved or a licentiate degree can be completed.

Subject-specific courses - at least 9 credits
4.5 credits for a licentiate degree)

Courses organised by doctoral programmes.

The relevance to the individual study plan of these subject-specific courses is determined by both the student and supervisor.

The Director of Doctoral education will determine in each case which and to what degree courses can be accredited.

Obligatory courses for certain students

Why? The spectrum of courses included should cover all aspects of the research project and include all mandatory courses required for the project



Educational administrator

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