Our services to your research

Our viruses

The VirusTech Facility offers Lentiviruses, Gamma-retroviruses and Adeno Associated Viruses (AAV), each of which has different capabilities, weakness and strengths (see table below). If you have decided what type of viruses will suit your research project best, please continue reading Before starting a Project and Our viruses sections to find out more of our services, price lists and ordering.

Vector Lentiviral Gamma-retrovirus AAVs
Family Retroviridae Retroviridae Parvoviridae
Cargo ssRNA(+) ssRNA(+) ssDNA
Packaging capacity (kB) 7 - 9 ≈ 10 4 - 5
Chromosomal integration Yes Yes No
Transduction post-mitotic cells Yes No Yes
Chance of oncogene activation Yes Yes No

Other services

The core facility also offers other services such as DNA preparation at different scales (mini, maxi and mega), as well as cloning of your inserts in our catalog of different expression vectors. We also offer consulting in order to help researchers to decide which type would fit their need for a specific project.

Services Prices (in SEK, as per plasmid)  
  Internal (KI users) External
DNA mini prep 500 600
DNA Maxi prep (endo-free) 1500 3600
DNA Giga prep (endo-free) 3600 7600
Cell and Molecular BiologyVirology