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Linné Centers


The vision of the Linnaues Center DBRM (Developmental Biology for Regenerative Medicine) is to become a world-leading research center in the fields of developmental biology, stem cell research and neurobiology, areas that are cornerstones for regenerative medicine.

DBRM will provide a critical intellectual mass and serve as a knowledge hub for the Swedish scientific community in these areas. DBRM will seek to unravel the molecular basis for stem cell differentiation to specific cell fates and use this information to generate new paradigms in cellular transplantation and regenerative medicine. DBRM is composed of thirteen research groups, all with leading international expertise in specific areas vital to DBRM. Six of the research groups are located at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology.

Urban Lendahl


The Human Regenerative Map, THRM, is a research center started 2008 and funded by the Swedish Research Council within their Linné program. The center aims to establish a map of cell turnover in the human body in health and disease.

We have recently devised a novel strategy, by integrating biomedical approaches with recent developments in nuclear physics, which enables establishing the turnover of cells in

human tissues. By measuring 14C derived from nuclear bomb tests in DNA, we can retrospectively establish the birth date of cells and directly measure cell turnover and tissue regeneration in humans.

This will give fundamental information on the dynamics of cell replacement in the human body, which will have significant implications for the understanding of many diverse processes, such as for example human brain function and the development of obesity. Moreover, it will provide knowledge necessary for the development of diagnostics and regenerative therapies in for example neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, obesity and diabetes.

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Jonas Frisén