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Core Infrastructures

Welcome to the CMB Core Infrastructures

The Core Infrastructures at CMB (KI) are an umbrella definition for service laboratories, resources and competence centers whose activities are coordinated, supervised and partly financed by the Board of Research (FoS) in collaboration with the local committees for Research and Education (FoUU) of the associated hospitals.

The aim of the Core Infrastructures efforts are to allow wide access to state of the art technologies, sample and data collections, informatics tools and scientific consultation in order to facilitate the interaction between researchers and enhance scientific productivity.

Access to the Core Infrastructures are open to all researchers at KI and other academic institutions and, to a limited extent, also to commercial enterprises. Service Laboratories and Resources operate on a fee per service basis while the Competence Centers aim to disseminate specific technologies and know how on a collaborative basis.

This page contains links to the Service Laboratories, Resources, and Competence Centers offered at CMB and that are available to members of the Karolinska Institutet research community at KI campus and associated Hospitals.

VirusTech Core Facility

Viruses have developed as useful tools for the efficient delivery of genes to mammalian cells. Thus it is no wonder that viruses have led the field in gene therapy, as they have evolved to deliver their genes efficiently, in the form of either RNA or DNA into mammalian cells. In research, delivery of genetic information to cellular systems is the backbone of many experiments. This becomes specially challenging in neuroscience where non-viral methods to incorporate RNA or DNA into the target cells (specially Neurons) are limited, and this turns out to be more difficult when applied to developmental biology. Thus, the ability of gene transfer into host cells, both in culture cells and in vivo organisms in different developmental stages, becomes crucial to understand the function of genes in the development and cellular processes such as stem cell maintenance, cell differentiation and maturation. Therefore, the VirusTech Core Facility has as its primary goal to help fellow researchers, to overcome such challenges in gene transfer by providing our services and knowledge in virus production and usage.

Read more on the VirusTech Core Facility website.

Albert Blanchart Aguado

Electron Tomography Facility

To understand the life processes it is necessary to know where the specific macromolecules are located within a cell and tissue and how the macromolecules interact with each other. Electron tomography permits subcellular and macromolecular assemblies to be studied in three dimensions; the molecular objects are reconstructed in three dimensions from a series of electron micrographs representing different projections of the objects.

The electron tomography facility at CMB is supported by central KI funds and the Stockholm County Council through the Joint Core-Facility Committee, and can be engaged by researchers at all departments as well as other universities and industry.

More on the Electron Tomography Facility website

Sergej Masich

FACS Facility

CMB's FACS facility is a part of Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Microscope Facility

CMB's Microscope Facility is a part of Biomedicum Imaging Core