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Symposium: Stem Cell Niches

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2017-09-1309:00 to 16:30 Nobel Forum, Nobels väg 1Campus Solna

This symposium aims to cover how a stem cell niche comes into existence, how to identify a niche, how the niche is maintained and how we can recreate these conditions in vitro for stem cell therapies, screening and cutting edge basic biology.

Stem cell niches

This 2nd edition of the Stem Cell Niches Symposium gathers some leading scientists working on diverse model organisms and stem cell systems in tissue homeostasis as well as disease and aging specifically focusing on the instructive cues provided by the stem cell niche.

Confirmed speakers

Heinrich Jasper, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, USA

Leanne Jones, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Phil H Jones, Sanger Insitute, University of Cambridge, UK

Sara Wickström, Max Planck Insitute, Cologne, Germany

Yi Arial Zeng, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai; PRoC

Marc Raaijmakers, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, The Netherlands

Molly Stevens, Imperial College London, UK


Maria Genander

Emma Andersson


The symposium Stem Cell Niches is part of a 1-week Stem Cell Niches doctoral course open for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Contact Maria Genander ( if you are interested in participating in the full course.


The symposium is open to the entire KI audience.

Contact person: Maria Genander
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