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Karolinska Institutet Discovers: Seminar with Arne Lindqvist

2014-10-1512:00 to 13:00 Nobel Forum, Campus SolnaCampus Solna

The Karolinska Institutet Discovers seminars present excellent ongoing research by scientists at KI.

Assistant Professor Arne Lindqvist, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, will present the research behind his latest publication:
Assessing kinetics from fixed cells reveals activation of the mitotic entry network at the S/G2 transition, Molecular Cell, February 2014.

During the cell cycle, DNA duplication in S phase must occur before a cell divides in mitosis. In the intervening G2 phase, mitotic inducers accumulate, which eventually leads to a switch-like rise in mitotic kinase activity that triggers mitotic entry. However, when and how activation of the signaling network that promotes the transition to mitosis occurs remains unclear. We have developed a system to reduce cell-cell variation and increase accuracy of fluorescence quantification in single cells. This allows us to use immunofluorescence of endogenous marker proteins to assess kinetics from fixed cells. Surprisingly, we find that mitotic phosphorylations initially occur at the completion of S phase, more than five hours before mitosis. I will discuss implications of this finding and our ongoing work regarding how mitotic entry is coupled to completion of S-phase in human cells.

Coffee and lunch wrap will be served between 11:30 and 12:00. First come, first served. No registration needed.