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Research - Audiology

The research performed at the Division of audiology can be divided into three main areas:

Epidemiologic hearing research

Within the field of hearing epidemiology, the prevalences of hearing impairment and tinnitus and possible causes of these conditions are explored. Common causes of hearing impairment and tinnitus are old age, diseases, and genetic factors. There are also many factors related to the work environment and the living conditions that are associated with hearing problems.

Group leader Ann-Christin Johnson

Chemicals and hearing loss - the need of a noise notation

Occupational och leisure time noise exposures in different occupational groups

Per Muhr

Noise exposure and hearing data of pilots within the Swedish Air Force
This information is only in Swedish.

The prevalence of hearing impairment among 18 year-olds
This information is only in Swedish.

The influence of noise exposure prior to and during military service
This information is only in Swedish.

Tvillingars hörsel

Pernilla Videhult Pierre

Hearing in LifeGene

Åsa Skjönsberg

A longitudinal twin study of the impact on hearing from noise and other environmental exposures, aging, and the genetic background

Eva B Svensson

Experimental hearing research

The aim of the experimental hearing research is to map and understand the neurobiological ground for how the brain can extract and code sound of importance for the behaviour, such as human speech. The temporal structure of sound is fundamental for understanding verbal communication in silent as well as noisy environments. By exploring the cellular mechanisms that the brain uses to select these acoustic signals, we can increase our understanding of the neural code for communication. In a longer perspective, such basic research can contribute to the development of new diagnostic tools as well as treatments of hearing and language disabilities caused by central auditory processing disorders, affecting 10% of the Swedish population.

Group leader Anna Magnusson

Richard Felix

Katrin Vonderschen

Sara Leijon

Clinical hearing research

Clinical hearing research involves direct patient-based hearing research, such as diagnosis and treatment of different types of hearing and balance disorders in patients of all ages. Most of this research is performed by the Hearing and Balance clinic at the Karolinska University Hospital and is described on their web site. Some projects are performed in a cooperation between the Hearing and balance clinic and the Division of audiology.

Group leader Pernilla Videhult Pierre

Pharmacological treatment of exogenous hearing loss