Departmental Council

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Each department is required to have a Departmental Council to deal with issues of fundamental importance or of a meta-departmental nature. The Council is to serve as an advisory body and a forum for dialogue and for the Head of Department to anchor his/her decisions. A Head of Department has to take decisions on a number of issues of concern to different groups in the department, and it is his/her job to consult these interested parties and seek their acceptance and approval of the decisions he/she takes. The Departmental Council is such a platform, and one at which the representatives of different groups can meet.

It is essential that the Departmental Council has all-round representation that takes into careful consideration the balance between research and undergraduate education, equality, technical/administrative personnel and students. It is important that the composition of the Council allows the different representatives to have their opinions and professional experience taken into account and their voices heard.

Protocol (In Swedish)


  Function Division
Li Tsai Prefekt  
Lars- Olaf Cardell Head of Division,
stf. prefekt
Magnus Westgren Head of Division,
stf. prefekt
Sigga Kalman Head of Division Anaesthesia
Åsa Skjönsberg Head of Division Audionomy
Bengt Lindholm Head of Section Baxter Novum
Anette Lohmander Head of Division Speech and Language Pathology
Birgitta Janerot Sjöberg Head of Division Medical Imaging and Technology
Peter Stenvinkel Head of Division Renal Medicine
Claude Marcus Head of Division Pediatrics
Bo-Göran Ericzon Head of Division Transplantation
Kent Fridell Head of Division Radiography
Lars Henningsohn Head of Division Urology
Peter Stenvinkel Head of Division Renal Medicine
Mats Blennow Head of Postgraduate Pediatrics
Paul  Gerdhem Vice Head of Postgraduate Orthopedic
Annika Sääf-Rothoff Teacher Representative Speech and Language Pathology
Olav Rooyacker Postgraduate Representative Anaesthesia
Eva Ellis Postgraduate Representative Transplantation
Lisa Forsberg Doctoral student representative Pediatrics
Galina Drozdova Equality Representative Obstetrics/gynecology
Christina Hebert TA-representant (lab ass) Anaesthesia
Hélèn Jansson TA Representative Surgery
Björn Anderstam TA Representative (ing) Renal Medicine
Ann-Charlott Nordström TA Representative (sekr)  
Pille Ann Härmat Head of Economics and Adm.