Cognition and Language disorders

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Project group leader

Ing-Mari Tallberg

The different research projects all aim at investigating how disturbed language and communication relates to aspects of cognition and interaction. One main project concerns how persons with acquired cognitive impairment with language and communication disorders are able to participate in decisions about their own medical treatment.  We have in a number of studies investigated medical decision-making capacity and cognition in dementia, and also if it is possible to enhance the capacity. A second research area concerns language and communication development in preschool children with autism spectrum disorders and a third area concerns socio-emotional development in children with communication and language disorders.

Project group members

Name Title Function
Ing-Mari Tallberg Associate prof, SLP Project group leader
Sara Stormoen SLP Doctoral student
Liv Thalén MSc, SLP Doctoral student

Research projects

  • Decision-making and reasoning concerning participation in medical research in cognitive impairment (Sara Stormoen, Ing-Mari Tallberg)
  • Facilitation participation in a disintegrating world: enhancing communication for people with dementia (Liv Thalén, Ing-Mari Tallberg)
  • Hypothetical reasoning and medical decision-making in dementia (Ing-Mari Tallberg)

Selected publications

  • Tallberg IM, Stormoen S., Almkvist, O., Eriksdotter-Jönhagen M. & Sundström, E. (2013). Investigating medical decision-making capacity in patients with cognitive impairment using a protocol based on linguistic features. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 54(3), 386-392.
  • Stormoen, S., Almkvist O., Eriksdotter, M., Sundström E. & Tallberg I.M. (2014). Cognitive predictors of Medical Decision-making Capacity in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 29(12), 1304-11.
  • Thalén, L. Almkvist. O & Tallberg I.M. (2016). How Do Patients with Cognitive Impairment Communicate During Discharge Meetings.  Evaluation of Participation Using Talking Mats. Journal of Speech Pathology & Therapy, 1:1.
  •  Norrelgen, F., Fernell, E., Eriksson, M, Hedvall, Å., Persson, C., Sjölin, M., Gillberg, C., & Kjellmer, L. (2015). Children with autism spectrum disorders who do not develop phrase speech in the preschool years. Autism, 19(8), 934-943. PMID: 25488002.
  •  Kjellmer, L., Hedvall, Å., Fernell, E., Gillberg, C., & Norrelgen, F. (2012). Language and communication skills in preschool children with autism spectrum disorders: Contribution of cognition, severity of autism symptoms, and adaptive functioning to the variability. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 33(1), 172-180. PMID:22093662.
  • Aarne, P. & Tallberg, IM. (2010). Visual Check Back in Children with Specific Language Impairment. Journal of Pragmatics, 42, 3106-3113
  • Aarne, P., Almkvist, O., Risholm-Mothander, P & Tallberg, I.M. (2013). Parent-rated socio-emotional development in children with language impairment; the symbolizing function. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 7 (265-280).


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