Join KI and Queerolinska at the Pride Parade Saturday!

2015-08-0113:00 to 18:00 Hornsgatan. Meeting spot: Hornsgatan/RosenlundsgatanOther

All KI staff and students are most welcome to join KI and Queerolinska in the Pride Parade on Saturday August 1st at 12:30. Our position in the Parade is 100, which is about in the middle of the 192 participants. Meeting spot is Hornsgatan/Rosenlundsgatan. The Parade starts at 1 pm, but it tends to be delayed so arm yourself with patience. Meanwhile, you can take the opportunity to dress up in stylish KI t-shirt, practise wagging a pride flag, put on pins, paint yourself with a rainbow crayon or just enjoy the party atmosphere and the music. There will be t-shirts etc on spot for you to grab. Those of you who will want to join along the way, can have a look at the parade route. After the parade we gather i Humlegården for a picnic.

Want your t-shirt in advance? Come to the Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6 and ask at reception. Questions? camilla.magnusson@ki.se












Karolinska Institutet supports Stockholm Pride 2015. During Pride Week, 27 July to 1 August we will show our support by flagging the Pride flag, and Karolinska Institutet will join the Medical Student’s Union’s Queerolinska in the Pride Parade, 1 August.

Join Queerolinska at Pride Parade by signing up at the Queerolinska Facebook event or e-mail queerolinska@medicinskaforeningen.se.