Publications 2013

The zebrafish orthologue of the dyslexia candidate gene DYX1C1 is essential for cilia growth and function.
Chandrasekar G, Vesterlund L, Hultenby K, Tapia-Páez I, Kere J
PLoS ONE 2013 ;8(5):e63123
RNA editing of the GLI1 transcription factor modulates the output of Hedgehog signaling.
Shimokawa T, Rahman M, Tostar U, Sonkoly E, Ståhle M, Pivarcsi A, et al
RNA Biol 2013 Feb;10(2):321-33
Verification of cell viability in bioengineered tissues and organs before clinical transplantation.
Jungebluth P, Haag J, Lim M, Lemon G, Sjöqvist S, Gustafsson Y, et al
Biomaterials 2013 May;34(16):4057-4067
Molecular characterization of prosomeric and intraprosomeric subdivisions of the embryonic zebrafish diencephalon.
Lauter G, Söll I, Hauptmann G
J. Comp. Neurol. 2013 Apr;521(5):1093-118
Intracellular uptake and toxicity of Ag and CuO nanoparticles: a comparison between nanoparticles and their corresponding metal ions.
Cronholm P, Karlsson H, Hedberg J, Lowe T, Winnberg L, Elihn K, et al
Small 2013 Apr;9(7):970-82