Publications 2011

Rap1-GTP-interacting adaptor molecule (RIAM) protein controls invasion and growth of melanoma cells.
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Loss of Trp53 promotes medulloblastoma development but not skin tumorigenesis in Sufu heterozygous mutant mice.
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Multicolor fluorescent in situ hybridization to define abutting and overlapping gene expression in the embryonic zebrafish brain.
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Two-color fluorescent in situ hybridization in the embryonic zebrafish brain using differential detection systems.
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Transcriptional profiling of C. elegans DAF-19 uncovers a ciliary base-associated protein and a CDK/CCRK/LF2p-related kinase required for intraflagellar transport.
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The tubulin deglutamylase CCPP-1 regulates the function and stability of sensory cilia in C. elegans.
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