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Cell biology of cancer - Staffan Strömblad

We aim to improve the fundamental understanding on how cancer develops and progresses. Our focus is cancer cell migration and invasion, a process critical to cancer cell dissemination by metastasis, the main lethality factor of cancer.

To better understand cancer cell migration, we are using a systems microscopy approach, where live cell microscopy of migrating cancer cells is combined with mathematical analyses and modeling. With the help of transgenic mice, we are also investigating how p21-activated kinase 4 affects cancer development and progression, and we are also examining how the microenvironment's extracellular matrix influences the same processes.

We perform a large number of national and international collaborations and actively participate in different networks, including the SSF-supported pan-university network project Systems microscopy of Cancer Cell Migration and Karolinska Institutet’s Breast Cancer Theme Center (BRECT). Staffan Strömblad is the Coordinator and Vice director, respectively, for these two networks.

Group members