Lectures and seminars

Seminar: Prof. Michael Glickman, Department of Biology, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

2018-06-1410:30 Karolinska Institutet, Dept. of Biosciences & Nutrition, DNA (5105), Neo floor 5Campus FlemingsbergLaboratory of the Future Neo

Title: "Proteasome, would you like ubiquitin with your substrate?"

Speaker: Professor Michael Glickman, Department of Biology, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Victoria Menendez-Benito
Nico Dantuma


Professor Glickman is a world-leading expert in the ubiquitin-proteasome field, with research interests covering diverse topics:

  • Proteasome structure and function
  • Proteomics of the ubiquitin system
  • Recognition of the ubiquitin signals by shuttle proteins
  • Mitochondria and ubiquitin-proteasome system reciprocity
  • Participation of ubiquitin in staving off Alzheimer’s Disease


For more information, please contact: victoria.menendez.benito@ki.se
Would you like to meet Professor Glickman, please contact Victoria before June 11.

Contact person: Victoria Menendez Benito