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Nov2k – Future of science and medicine

2014-11-2109:00 Novum, HuddingeCampus Flemingsberg
Nov2K 2014

The 15th anniversary of the conference Nov2k – Future of science and medicine themed “Science Fiction.

November 20th - 21st, 2014, NOVUM, Huddinge


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Most welcome to this exiting conference of Future Science and Medicine!

Fiction becomes science - The 15th anniversary of the science conference Nov2k

By Veronika Kremer on the of organizing team

“Nov2k – Future of Science and Medicine” is a multidisciplinary scientific symposium like no other, breaking with existing conference traditions and creating an all-round experience. Organized by graduate students from Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University under the flagship of DECS program, Nov2k has been successful in attracting excellent speakers such as Miguel Nicolelis, Polly Matzinger and Samuel Weiss, as well as a great and engaged audience. Who would have thought that a local conference, started in 1998 on the initiative of PhD students at KI Huddinge and since 2010 with the support from Konstfack students, would over the years take such an exciting turn and become a leading conference on the future of science?

This November, Nov2k celebrates its 15th anniversary. With the theme “Science fiction”, the conference pays tribute to scientific innovations that may have previously been regarded as science fiction but which today have the potential to impact society tremendously and shift scientific paradigms.

Participants can look forward to meeting fantastic scientists like Mark Post who cultures beef from muscle cells to make burgers, Ruth Ley, explorer of host genetics and the microbiome in the human gut and DNA origami maker Björn Högberg, just to name a few. The talks will be embedded in an engaging program, including an interactive workshop, a poster slam with live voting in addition to a conventional poster session, an exhibition on the future theme; in short, Nov2k will again strive to make the conference an unforgettable experience. Prior to the conference, participants are given the chance to get creative and take part in the Nov2k competition that will involve designing a lab tool of the future. The winner will get the chance to print out his/her tool on a 3D printer!

The event will end with a spectacular gala dinner at Färgfabriken, a location that in itself represents a link between the past and the future.

So get ready for two days full of excitement and inspiration! Nov2K will take place on November 20th-21st at Novum, Huddinge. The registration is now open. Join Nov2k on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.



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Nov2k is an annual multidisciplinary symposium on the future of science and medicine organized by graduate students from Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.
Contact person: Veronika Kremer