Live Cell Imaging microscopy course

2016-04-0711:30 to 2016-04-2211:30 Karolinska Institutet, Dept. of Biosciences & Nutrition, GREEN seminar room, Novum Elevator F floor 6.Campus Flemingsberg

We still have a few spots available for the Live Cell Imaging microscopy course (KI courses #2870 and #2871) starting on the 7th of April.

If you want to join the course, email Sylvie.Le.Guyader@ki.se. Otherwise you are anyway welcome to come and listen to the lectures without registration. The full schedule is now available online on our website and will be kept up to date in case we must change something but it is pretty final. On our website you can also find instructions on how to find us. The Green seminar room, where the lectures will be held, will be clearly indicated within our Novum building. Please spread the word (poster attached).

Contact person: Sylvie Le Guyader