BioPen and Microfluidic System by Fluicell

BioPen demo

BioPen is a very cool microfluidics device that allows pipetting out a controlled concentration of a reagent onto one or a few cells inside a dish, without affecting the other cells. All this is done on the microscope so you can record the cell reaction and get quantitative data.The adjacent cells can serve as internal controls or can be used for repeats of the experiment. The device also has many channels, allowing you rinse the cell after exposure then expose it to other reagents and even mix the reagents in the different channels as you want.

The LCI facilty is delighted to host BioPen for 1 month in January/February 2017, allowing interested researchers to run real experiments and thoroughly test the device.
Introduction seminar and live demo: 16th January 2017, 13-15, Bionut red room (instructions to find the room are on our website).

You can even register for a private demo with your own sample and reagents on the 17th of January! Contact for registration: