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Bachelor/first level & master/second level education

BioNut is responsible for several courses and programmes within biomedicine, public health sciences, environmental medicine and nutrition.

BioNut Undergratuate teaching

At the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition research and education go hand in hand. Although research constitutes the larger part of the Department’s activities, education is an important and central part of the department’s activities.

The Department has its main competence in basic biosciences and nutrition and it is also within these educational areas the department is mainly involved. Our goal is that all our educational activities are scientifically based and closely connected to ongoing research. Furthermore, we think that education is an important way to communicate the latest scientific standpoints so that students completing the courses or programs given by the Department become knowledgeable, skilled and trustworthy professionals with high credibility within their respective educational areas.
The Department of Biosciences and Nutrition’s main educational engagements are within the bachelor and master’s programs in Biomedicine and bachelor and master’s program in Nutrition, the latter of which the Department gives in collaboration with Stockholm University but for which the Department has programme responsibility.

The education programmes in Nutrition are the only Swedish academic educations with nutrition as their major topic.

Evidence based relationships between food and health are main topics. It differs from “Dietician education" as the students obtain a deep knowledge in natural sciences. The broad profile of the program gives the students a lot of possible professional roles to choose between after completing their training.