The Ethics Prize

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The prize is awarded annually to a person or group active at Karolinska Institutet that has made a special effort to promote medical ethics at the Institute. The purpose of the prize is to enhance ethical awareness and draw attention to praiseworthy examples of ethics amongst staff and researchers at KI.

Prize winner 2015 - Lena Marions

Lena Marions, lecturer and associate professor at the Department of Clinical Research and Education, Södersjukhuset, and course director for medical students in semester 10 on the course in reproduction and development.

Lena Marions is awarded the prize because she integrates the subject of medical ethics in teaching in a clinical setting in an exemplary manner. This applies particularly to the integration of the subject of medical ethics in subjects such as prenatal diagnosis and clinical genetics, but also in gynaecology as such. The integrated education functions as a model for how education in medical ethics can be carried out.

Lena Marions has also demonstrated moral courage in connection with the prescription of contraception and has defended young women's rights in this context without the involvement of other actors.

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