The bicentenary jubilee in 2010

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Today, Karolinska Institutet (KI) is a leading medical university. During the bicentenary year we celebrated the ideas, skills and people behind this successful university through TV programmes, exhibitions, scientific symposia, books and more.

The idea behind the bicentenary celebrations is to highlight the different ways in which KI is fulfilling its remit by helping to improve human health through education and research.

Läke Konst at Waldemarsudde

During the summer 2010 the museum Waldemarsudde has been showing books and pictures from the treasuries of one of the world's leading collections of historical medical books: Karolinska Institutet's Hagströmer Library.

From Vesalius's muscle mannequins to Lennart Nilsson's photographs of the microcosmos. From whimsical 16th century bestiaries to original plates of injured soldiers from the American Civil War. From the 8th of May to the 29th of August, Waldemarsudde and Karolinska Institutet exhibited medical illustrative art that has rarely, if ever, been on public display.

Junior Medicine Prize 2010

The Junior Medicine Prize was awarded to mark Karolinska Institutet's 200th jubilee and to fire young people's interest in medical research.

During Karolinska Institutet's jubilee year, young people from around Sweden have interacted with doctoral students and researchers at Karolinska Institutet through a special science club on the Kamratposten website,

Every month, the budding scientists have researched answers to medical questions in a range of scientific fields, such as How babies are born, Children and medicine, Cells and The immune defence. At the end of each month, an entrant was designated "researcher of the month" by a specially appointed panel, winning a place in the final for the Junior Medicine Prize.

The finalists were then given their last and perhaps toughest challenge of the year: to write their own research plan. On the 14th of December, a unanimous jury declared twelwe-year-old Michelle Atlas.

Michelle was awarded the prize for her interesting, well-thought out ideas for research into whether interacting with animals can have a positive effect on people with mental health problems.

Jubilee gala in the Ericson Globe

On the 18th of November 2010 more than 4 000 employees, students and alumni celebrated Karolinska Institutet with a spectacular jubilee gala in the Ericson Globe.

Photo book: "A year at Karolinska Institutet"

The jubilee book A year at Karolinska Institutet was a gift to all employees, students and associates.

Over the course of a year, two photographers have captured many of the settings, people and events that are unique to KI. A Year at Karolinska Institutet will help you get to know a few of the many students, teachers, researchers, professors and others who together propel Karolinska Institutet forward.

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. This book offers fantastic evidence of the diversity that exists at our university. It also shows that we, each and every one of us in his or her own way, are contributing to the achievement of our mission to improve human health.

From the preface by Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, President

Inspiration Day

The 13th of December, on Karolinska Institutet's anniversary, an Inspiration Day was held for all KI students.

Inspirational sessions was held by KI alumni who shared their stories; the sources of their motivation, their beliefs and values. The day was arranged with the purpose to inspire and encourage current KI students to fulfil their dreams. Among the speakers were Hans Rosling, Karin Hehenberger, Katarina Bjelke and Johan von Schreeb.

The Inspiration Day 2010 was arranged by Melissa Norström, PhD student, and Johanna Wunder, student at the study programme in biomedicine.