KI’s Solna campus is smoke-free

KI campus at Solna is now smoke-free, meaning that smoking will be prohibited both indoors and outside.

Consequently, all ashtrays has been removed from the campus and signs are posted declaring the area to be a no-smoking zone.

The Act on Tobacco and Similar Products (2018:2088) that came into force on 1 July 2019 prohibited smoking in many outdoor public spaces, such as on restaurant terraces, outside entrances to buildings, on platforms and in playgrounds.

The banning of smoking outdoors on campus is in line with KI’s Strategy 2030 and vision, which incorporates better health for all.

Karolinska University Hospital has been smoke-free for some time. However, smoking is still allowed in some public areas, such as Tomtebodavägen and Solnavägen.

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