Lectures and seminars

Workshop on Mechanisms of Gene Regulation in Metabolism

2016-11-0314:00 to 16:00 Samuelssonsalen, Tomtebodavägen 6Campus Solna

Cardiac effects of PGC-1α

Prof. Pasi Tavi    
University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio

The main focus of the Tavi lab is the study of the adaptive processes in cardiac cells during heart diseases and normal heart development and interconnections between energy metabolism and cardiac specific features in  such conditions.      

Sex, diet, and genes: Clues from liver and beta cells toward understanding risk factors of metabolic disease    

Dr. Jennifer L. Estall    
Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal        
Université de Montréal

The Estall lab focuses on identifying and understanding the molecular events that contribute to the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases, in particular obesity and diabetes, and the complex interplay between multiple organ systems such as muscle, liver, fat, pancreas, and the brain.

Microbial regulation of host metabolism and lifespan

Dr. Filipe Cabreiro
University College London

The  main interests of the Cabreiro lab are the molecular mechanisms underlying metabolic diseases and ageing. The lab focuses on understanding how the interactons between gut microbiota and their human hosts affect physiology, and if they can be targeted by drugs to improve human health.


Jorge Ruas, Physiology and Pharmacology
Alfredo Giménez-Cassina, Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics